Hey! A little update

I noticed my last post was published in May so I felt the urge to add something to this blog to prove I still can write.

First, I’ve got a ticket to John Williams’ concert with the orchestra! Woooo! Seven minutes and all tickets were gone. Incredible :O

Second, I and wifey finished Return To Monkey Island. We loved it! We definitely need more point-and-click adventures by Ron Gilbert.

Third, I’m deep into Soul Secret’s next album writing process. The band has so much material and great ideas that there is plenty of choice. Probably 2023? We want it to be perfect, so we’ve set no deadline as of today.

Fourth, I think I will soon start reading a nice book about counterpoint (although I have yet to finish Dune).

Five, have a nice day you all! And thanks for keep visiting this website every now and then to check for updates <3

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