Hi there and thanks for visiting my website!

Where to start? Well, from the very beginning! I was born in 1985 on the so called π-day and my first experience with music was during childhood when I tried to play my oldest brother’s classical guitar. Soon interest shifted to that of piano, following in the footsteps of my other brother. I began to take lessons but they didn’t last long because of a still-too-didactic approach. This began to change when a friend of mine introduced myself to progressive rock music. Finally, I found something that I enjoyed listening to, something befitting my personality. Soon, I became more familiar with it and formed my first band ever: Paradoxa. With them, I started to explore the world of composition and began to write riffs that would remain with me for years to come. Then arrived the opportunity to be part of a power prog band. To take on the challenge of playing with this band, I began piano lessons again and started exploring the odd world of synthesis.

Later on I became part of Soul Secret and started working as a musician, exploring different kind of music. As I love videogames and their soundtracks, I also work as a composer for indie developers.

In 2018, I started a YouTube series called Just with a Moog with iconic tracks arranged just with a Moog Sub 37 that was featured on the official Moog Music website (where some of the sounds I created for the series are available for free. Demo here).

I recently published my solo album The 2nd Coming under Lion Music Finland, featuring David Wise, Maria Barbieri and more.