More on my guest appearance on Marek Arnold’s “Artrock Project”

On July 14 2023 the new album from German multi-instrumentalist Marek Arnold titled “Artrock Project” has been released!

In my previous post I wrote one by one all the guests and probably I forgot someone, so please take a look at this complete list from the digipak itself (I’m delighted that for once my last name is written the correct way! Capital “D” and capital “G” :D)

About my own task on this, I was asked some time ago to write and perform a solo on the song later called Papillon and listening to the very first demo I decided to use my own sound LDG Wah Lead 2 that I programmed on my Kurzweil PC3K8. In addition to a lot of distortion, it features a dynamic low-pass filter that adds that “wah” flavour you can clearly listen in this and in some other solos I made (you can check for example this and this, as well as recent Soul Secret songs like A President’s Speech)

This is a video playthrough I recently recorded and hosted on my YouTube channel, I hope you’ll enjoy it!

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