My new album THE 2nd COMING is here!

My new album The 2nd Coming is finally here! It is fresh out of release, as it was set on January 14, 2022… today!

The 2nd Coming cover artwork

The 2nd Coming

It is an instrumental album and it’s progressive in the meaning I like the most: diverse, heterogeneous and experimental. At least, that’s what I tried to do! Indeed, I would be really happy if people around the world listening to The 2nd Coming had an experience that here in Italy we call “un viaggio”, that translates as “a journey”, like we had back then when listening to an album and letting it teleport our mind anywhere in an unknown universe.

The 2nd Coming is available both in a digital (Spotify, YouTube, Amazon Music, Pandora etc.) and in a physical digipak format

The 2nd Coming digipak
The 2nd Coming digipak

The label

When poking labels for this album I was frankly shocked when Lion Music contacted me for a contract proposal, as I’ve always linked this name to solo artists like Marco Sfogli, Vitalij Kuprij, Lars Eric Mattsson, Mike Terrana, Alberto Rigoni and many more.

The guest musicians

I was blessed to have some amazing guests on this album, namely (in order of appearance):

  • Alfonso Mocerino (acoustic drums on tracks 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8)
  • David Wise (alto sax on track 4)
  • Maria Barbieri (guitar solo on track 8)
  • Stefano Festinese (guitar solo on track 8)
  • Frank Cavezza (guitar solo on track 8)

Alfonso Mocerino

Alfonso is a phenomenal drummer, playing in bands like Temperance, Starbynary and Virtual Simmetry. He was tasked to record the drums on 6 of the 8 tracks of this album and he exceeded all the expectations, putting his touch on the arrangements and recording everything in just 2 days.

Alfonso Mocerino - YouTube
Alfonso Mocerino

David Wise

David Wise doesn’t need any introduction, really. He is a video game composer created some of the most famous, brilliant and out-of-this-world video games soundtracks for games like Donkey Kong Country, Diddy Kong Racing, Star Fox Adventure, Battletoads, Tengami, Snake Pass, Yooka – Laylee and many many more (more than 100, as he stated during this interview for the development convention Insert Coin where I was host and guest). He is also a great saxophone player and I asked him to bring its touch on track 4, Into the Rainfall. He kindly accepted and brought the track on a whole new level.

David Wise

Maria Barbieri

Maria is an Italian guitarist with strong progressive rock, ambient, hard rock, soul-jazz and pop influences. She is a Suhr artist and session player in Italy and abroad, with several international collaborations and mentions by some of his idols like Franco Mussida (PFM), Robert Fripp (King Crimson), Lino Vairetti (Osanna), Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) etc.
Maria recorded an incredible guitar solo on the album title-track The 2nd Coming at 12:38. You can’t stop head-banging listening to it! Check her official website HERE.

Maria Barbieri

Stefano Festinese

Stefano is an Italian guitar player and close friend of mine. He plays in the local rock band The A-renella Team and was one of the first guests on this album… back in 2009! Yes, I kept the recording for years and years! He recorded the guitar solo at 13:05 in the track The 2nd Coming, where keyboards and guitars starts dueling. Check his band following the link above.

Stefano Festinese playing
Stefano Festinese

Frank Cavezza

Frank “FRNKC” is a professional guitarist, playing in my (or should I say “our” here in his paragraph?) band Soul Secret among others. He is top-tier all-round musician, person and friend. Frank recorded the last guitar solo in the album, the one starting at 16:40 that leads the listener towards the end of the “journey” (I hope!).

Francesco Cavezza - YouTube
Frank Cavezza

Everything else…

Everything else you hear in the album, it’s me. I’ve always loved playing bass and guitars and in this regard I want to thank again my favorite bass player and friend Claudio Casaburi for lending me his 5-strings Yamaha RBX bass for months and my brother Gigi for giving me his beloved Ibanez electric guitar. Thank you!

First single

The first single from this album was Chasing Next. You can enjoy the videoclip by the talented video maker Onuruddho Ghosh here:

Chasing Next official videoclip


1)Chasing Next6:07
2)The Spiteful Lair1:33
3)Shannon Tree8:41
4)Into the Rainfall – feat. David Wise4:52
5)Route 244:54
7)A Rose in the Sand4:20
8)The 2nd Coming – feat. Maria Barbieri, Stefano Festinese, Frank Cavezza18:13

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  1. Chasing Next
    2:28: Keanu Reeves as Neo running away from Agent Smith.

    What a great job you guys did! The style made me think a lot about Dream Theater and Jordan Rudess.


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