Chasing Next: first new single from THE 2nd COMING

The day has come! I’m happy to present you Chasing Next, the first single taken from (and the actual opener of) my new solo album The 2nd Coming.

When writing this I had a sense of future and motion, something like a spaceship flying through planets or an X-Wing on the surface of the Death Star (if you don’t know what I am talking about, close this post and go see Star Wars!). Using lots and lots of synthesizers helped me bringing this idea to life.

Chasing Next.logicx

The entire source project of Chasing Next consists of 59 tracks. Acoustic drums were recorded by Temperance drummer Alfonso Mocerino (who also recorded 5 other tracks on the album). I tried to keep his original feelings and sonic colors (pun intended, I could have written “audio dynamics” but I love video games so… you know) without using any prerecorded drums sample, so everything you hear is real. Piano sound is generated by Modartt Pianoteq 7, that immediately became my go-to VST for acoustic pianos just after trying it. Other tracks were recorded from my Moog Sub 37 and Kurzweil PC3K8 (and something even from my old K2500X!), while all the rest was done in Logic Pro X.

The video

For the video, I contacted a talented video maker called Onuruddho Ghosh. He is a professional graphic designer, 3D animator and video editor. I explained him the aforementioned “future and motion” vision for this track and he provided me those futuristic environments the camera flies into. I just added some final video post-production to make it more psychedelic.

From what I gather, release days for the label are generally Fridays and the chosen day for this video was this Friday, December 17. When I told the label that Friday 17 is considered an unlucky day here in Italy by superstitious people, they suddenly told me that release was set for the day before, just in case. This is a pure demonstration of what Peppino De Filippo’s comedy title says. In Italian it is Non è vero ma ci credo, that translates more or less as It’s not true but I believe it.

The album

The 2nd Coming will be released on January 14 2022 under Finnish record label Lion Music. It will be available both in digital and in digipak format. You can preorder buy the album following this link.

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