Happy new year 2022 everyone!

As the title said… happy new year 2022 everyone!

Looking back, this past year was quite a ride for all the reasons involving the pandemic but musically speaking I have to admit it was one of the best I’ve witnessed.

First, starting in January, I joined the Global Game Jam 2021 in Rome (even though I was in my studio as it was held online) and created some music for two games: Kite is dead and Cold Echoes.

Then, one of the absolute highlights, in March Moog Music Inc. released my first official preset pack for their Moog Sub 37 and a comprehensive interview on their official website where I talk about my influences, my process and a lot of other things.

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An excerpt of my interview on the official Moog Music Inc. website

On April 1st, I personally released the so called Silent Patch for Moog Sub 37, in order to let everyone finally play the infamous song by John Cage 3’44” on their very own hardware. Before anyone starts searching for it, it was an April Fool’s Day joke (of course!).

Potrebbe essere un'immagine raffigurante il seguente testo "finally available SILENT TM PATCH for your Moog Sub 37 ASIN IN JOHN CAGE'S 4'33""
The Silent Patch! Finally! Wow!

On July I had the honor to be both host and guest on several talks during Insert Coin 2020, an online video game development convention made in collaboration with Comicon and Gameplay Cafè. I hosted the talk with Lucasarts employee #3 and absolute legend David Fox, where I had the chance to meet him again (we met in Napoli some years ago), and the one with worldwide renowned composer and video gamers idol David Wise, where I first met him. In addition, I reached out to Kevin Bayliss and brought him as a guest on a talk about his amazing career. As a guest, I held a talk about sound design on synthesizers (in Italian) and a round-table with PlayerInside and all the other guests of the convention (also in Italian). It really was awesome and every time I feel more and more proud to be part of the incredible gamers community.

During the 2021 I also received the final contract offer for my solo album The 2nd Coming. It really gave the final boost to the album production and here I am now, few days before the release!

Last September I received a Moog Subharmonicon from Moog Music Inc. itself! It was the first time I received hardware from the actual manufacturer and I had the privilege to choose it among a selection of their products, as I felt it could have helped me in walking out of my comfort zone and experimenting more.

Potrebbe essere un'immagine raffigurante spazio al chiuso
Unboxing the Moog Subharmonicon

Then, I inaugurated a brand new version of my personal website (this!), adding a blog section I was thinking about for quite some time.

On December the videoclip of Chasing Next, the first single from The 2nd Coming, was released on the official label’s YouTube channel.

Chasing Next official videoclip

Just for two weeks, the actual release of my solo album doesn’t fall into the 2021 list, since The 2nd Coming will be released on January 14, 2022 under Lion Music Finland.

So, I really wish all of you a wonderful 2022!

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